How to take legal action?

Report the seller to us

We urge you to report the seller to us and forward any supporting evidence of the issue so that we can block the seller from using our service.
Please see this article for how to report a user, and this article for what information to include in a report.

Important: Pets4Homes is a free service and is not a legal party to any transactions which are facilitated by the website. As a consequence, any civil matters, such as fraud or animal welfare issues, should be reported to the appropriate authorities who can take legal action. 


The Trading Standards

For any disputes with a seller we would advise that you contact your local Trading Standards office to ask for their help. The Trading Standards can help resolve any civil matter between yourself and the seller.

Find your local Trading Standards Office

The Citizen Advice

We would also advise that you consult with the Citizen Advice as you may need to pursuit some claims directly under the small claims court.

Citizen Advice

Welfare concerns

Your Local Council Authority

If you have welfare concerns regarding a person’s ability to provide necessary care and ownership to any animal we would suggest that you also contact the Local Council Authority within the area of the seller. They are responsible for inspecting the premises if there are any welfare concerns and can take further action if required.

Local Council Search


The RSPCA may also be able to assist you and we can liaise with them directly if required.


We work closely with several local councils, trading standards and police agencies and if they need any information held on our database to assist their enquiries, we are able to liaise with them directly if required.

If you need further assistance

If this help article did not answer your question, you are of course more than welcome to reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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