How we maintain a safe environment for buyers and sellers

Do we check the adverts placed on our Site?

Yes, we manually approve the majority of adverts that are placed on our Pets4Homes website. However we do not visit any of the advertisers homes or do any checks on the advertisers, therefore, it is the buyers responsibility to make any necessary checks on the advertisers before buying or adopting a pet.

Each advert on Pets4Homes comes with a complete check-list at the end of the listing description. We also rely on our website users who visit the pets to report any suspicious advertisers.

Do you prevent puppy farmers or dodgy breeders abusing your site?

Yes, we do our best to prevent puppy farmers from trying to use our website. We do this by monitoring the number of adverts we allow each advertiser to place, and check advertisers local authority breeders licenses to make sure they are valid. 

Just because a breeder has a valid council license to breed dogs, does not mean we will automatically allow them to use our service. If we believe a breeder is a large commercial breeder and not looking after their dogs, we will prevent them from using our website.

We also work closely with local councils and animal welfare organisations like "C.A.R.I.A.D" to prevent known puppy farmers from using our website. Our Pets4Homes.co.uk website was setup for pet owners, responsible hobby breeders and rescue centers to use, we therefore do our best to stop irresponsible people from abusing our free service.

What kind of adverts do you not allow on the site?

We have a list of standards we have created that we stick to when approving or banning adverts. You can read them by clicking here. We also follow the Pet Advertising Advisory Groups (PAAGS's) minimum standards which you can find here.

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