Detailed advert posting rules

IMPORTANT: In order to meet PAAGs minimum standards, we reserve the right to refuse any advert(s) that may compromise them. We also reserve the right to decline any adverts or ban, close or suspend any users account if we suspect you are behaving in an irresponsible way or breach any of our terms.

Are you an eligible seller?

  1. If you are breeding and advertising dogs for sale and require a dog breeding license from your local council, you need to be registered as a licensed breeder on the site, and provide us with a copy of your license. If we suspect you need to be licensed but you haven't provided your license details, we reserve the right to decline your adverts and we may report this to your local authority.
  2. Any pet(s) you advertise must be owned by yourself. If you are advertising a litter of kittens or puppies, they must be owned and have been bred by yourself. We do not allow the advertising of litters of puppies or kittens that you have bought from third parties for the purpose of selling.
  3. Pet shop license holders are not permitted to advertise puppies or kittens for sale, unless you also hold a valid breeding license and that you have bred the pets your yourself in the UK.
  4. You will clearly state whether you are using the services we offer as a private individual, frequent advertiser/breeder, rescue centre/charity or company. 
  5. You must be able to show all puppies and kittens to any prospective owner with their mother and (if possible) their father.
  6. All pets for re-homing must be available for viewing at your home or place of business.
  7. We do not allow adverts for pets which offer delivery or any courier service.

Are you an eligible buyer?

We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to advertise a pet for sale, adoption or stud on the website. Also, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to use the website to contact an advertiser. If you are advertising a pet via the Pets4Homes website, you must ensure anyone adopting or buying your pet is at least 18 years of age.

Information you must include in the advert

  1. Adverts must be posted in the correct category and disclose its full breed. If the pet is a cross breed that must be stated clearly in your description and advertised in the mixed breed category.
  2. Photos must be of the actual pet you wish to re-home and not one from the internet or elsewhere. If advertising a litter of puppies or kittens, you must also upload photos of their mum (and dad if possible).
  3. If the pet you wish to re-home is registered with any governing body, i.e. Kennel Club for Dogs or GCCF for cats, you must state the this in your advertisement and be able to provide all paperwork to verify that registration if required.
  4. You have clearly identified all health and welfare issues associated with any animal you wish to re-home.

Imported pet restrictions

  1. Pets advertised must be located in the UK and the location stated on your listing is the actual location where the animal is currently and permanently housed.
  2. We do not allow any pets to be advertised that have been imported in to the UK for the purpose of sale. However, you may advertise older pets that you have imported legally as your own pet, but now need to re-home. You must state in the advert description, the country of birth/origin of the pet.

Restrictions on pets advertised for other purposes than family pets

  1. Only dogs which are family pets may be advertised on the Site. You may not advertise working dogs of any nature on the Site or dogs that have been security or protection trained or whose primary role is for hunting, working or guarding.
  2. You will not offer any pet for sale, for the purpose of breeding, for example advertising a stud dog for sale or a dog for sale that is in season.
  3. You will not offer live vertebrates for re-homing intending them to be used as food.
  4. We do not allow animals to be advertised as food.

Sometimes we decline adverts even though they fulfil other requirements

  1. Age: In most circumstances, pets must be at least 8 weeks of age before they leave their mother, however please read this article for exceptions which might apply.
  2. Docking: You may only advertise a docked dog if the dog has been docked by a vet (and you can prove this to the new owner) and/or the docking has been carried out in accordance with the The Docking of Working Dogs’ Tails (England) Regulations 2007.
  3. Gifts / presents: Do not advertise pets as gifts or presents, e.g. for Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day.
  4. Pregnancy: We do not allow pregnant pets or a pet you think may be pregnant to be advertised.
  5. Exchange / swapping: You will not seek to swap or exchange any pet.

IMPORTANT: If you break any of the above rules, we may close all or any adverts you have placed with us and close your account.

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