Why has my advert not been posted?

A significant share of adverts placed never actually make it live on to the Pets4Homes website the first time they are checked due to not following our terms of use or advert guidelines.

Below we list the most common reasons that adverts are rejected and give some advice to help make sure your adverts go live on the Pets4Homes website as soon as possible. See more detailed advert posting rules here.

  1. Enter your full and correct address and details

    Please note that we need your full correct address and other details on your profile. This has to include your house number as well as street name. This is for internal use only and will not be displayed publicly on the website. We may need to ask you to verify your name and address by sending us a photo of your driving license or other form of ID. If you are not prepared to enter your correct name and full address details on your Pets4Homes account, then please do not create an advert as we will not be prepared to approve it. Please click here to edit and view your profile on your account page. 

  2. (Puppies and Kittens only) Include a photo of the puppies'/kittens' parents

    Please note that we require adverts to include both clear and recent photos of the pets being advertised, and in the case of puppies or kittens, the adverts also need a photo of their parents uploading. This is very important for potential buyers to see what the kittens/puppies may look like when they are fully grown.

  3. Accurately Describe the Pet for Sale/Adoption

    Every pet advertised should be described accurately and advertised in the correct category. If the pet is a mixed breed pet, then it should be in the "Mixed Breed" category and the title and description should fully describe the parents of the pet and what breeds they are a mix of. Many adverts are rejected at the approval stage due to advertisers putting cross breeds in the wrong category and not fully describing the pets they are advertising, or misleading potential buyers into thinking they are buying a pedigree breed rather than a mixed breed.

  4. Only Use One Account

    Many people will try to create multiple accounts using different names and addresses which is against our terms of use. If you have an account with us which is banned or disabled, then do not try to create a new account. You should contact us regarding your original account so we can resolve the issues with that account. Any duplicate accounts will result in all your accounts being disabled. The benefit of using your original account is that adverts created by older accounts get up to 30% more responses, as potential buyers trust adverts placed by long term members more.

  5. Use the Correct Account Type

    If you are advertising 3 or more different pets in a 12-month period, you will need to change your account type to "Breeder". If you are running a business of breeding dogs or selling animals as pets, you will need the relevant animal activities license from your local council, which you will need to provide evidence of and include the details on your account (see how here).

The Pets4Homes website has been set up to be as easy to use as possible and we want every advert to go live on the website the first time, without them having to go through the approval process multiple times. So please make sure you read the advice above and when creating an advert, enter your full correct personal and address details, describe your pet fully and accurately including photos of the pet and its parents, and your advert will be approved as soon as possible.

To read our full terms and conditions, please click here.

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