Which animals do we not allow?

We aim to provide a safe environment for both pets and their caretakers. We work alongside the RSPCA, PAAG and other animal welfare organizations to ensure that adverts listed on Pets4Homes follow both ethical and legal requirements. As a consequence, there are certain animals which we do not allow on Pets4Homes. For avoidance of doubt, in case you can not find an appropriate category when listing your animal for sale, then that category of pets is not allowed to be advertised.

IMPORTANT: In addition to our policies, all of our users and visitors are required to follow local laws. We reserve the right to remove any adverts that we consider inappropriate for Pets4Homes. If you see an advert which is not in line with our policies then please report the advert to bring it to the attention of our team (see how here).

The following animals are not permitted on Pets4Homes:

  1. We do not accept adverts for “designer” pets and we will remove any advertisement which contains descriptions including words such as "Micro", "Teacup" (or any variation of), "Miniature" (unless referring to a miniature pedigree breed), "Designer" or any other similar expressions.
  2. You will not advertise any banned breeds for re-homing: see our Terms and Conditions for an updated list. 
  3. We will not accept advertisements for dogs of the following breeds or cross breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino or Fila Brasiliero.
  4. If you are advertising an animal which is listed under Annex A of the CITES regulations for endangered species (see this article) such as some tortoises, snakes and birds, you must state in the advert that you have a valid article 10 certificate.
  5. We do not accept adverts for any types of monkeys.
  6. We do not accept adverts for any wild caught animals or any animals which come under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

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