What to include when reporting an advert and/or user

To help ensure that we can fully review an advert we would be very grateful if you could provide any evidence or any of the following information that may be relevant to your complaint. 

This is the information we need

  • Copy of the original advert link(s) - even if the adverts are now closed the information can be located from the browser history that you have;
  • Any additional advert links from ours or another website that you believe to be connected;
  • Copies of correspondence sent between yourself and the seller;
  • Details of any contact information you were given by the seller including telephone, email, address etc. - this is very important in locating the advert/account if you are unable to retrieve the advert link;
  • Copy of any agreement of viewing/deposit/stud/sale made;
  • Copy of all documents provided at the time of sale/deposit/mating/taking the animal home;
  • Copy of any supporting vet report;
  • Confirmation of payment made.

Please be assured that none of your details will be disclosed to the seller when submitting a report and that the supporting evidence is only used to help us in our investigation.

If you need further assistance

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