Have you paid a deposit outside of Pets4Homes and suspect you are victim of fraud?

How Pets4Homes can help

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that you enter into any transaction with any other user of this site at your own risk. Always use Pets4Homes' safe deposit functionality to avoid being subject to fraud.

We provide detailed guidance on when it may be appropriate to pay a deposit in our buying advice checklists that also is featured at the bottom of every advert page. We do understand however that sometimes there are issues between buyers and sellers which are outside of your control. We will in these circumstances help facilitate dispute resolution, but ultimately cannot guarantee that you will receive any funds owed to you.

Get in touch with your bank

We will advise that initially, you contact the bank or service used to send the payment to seek their assistance and ask for it to be refunded as Pets4Homes do not have any involvement in any of the transactions.

If this does not help, we can forward a message on your behalf, only if instructed by you, asking that they contact you directly to resolve the matter. In many cases, the issue is resolved at this stage.

Further steps to resolve the issue

If at this point, however, they cannot or refuse to provide the information that you have requested we would advise that you consider discussing this with the Trading Standards, the police and the RSPCA if relevant. We can liaise with these services to provide them with the details we hold on our database if required and if provided a valid Data Protection Request to assist their enquiries.

We ask that you clearly advise what contact details you are happy to be forwarded to the other party as a form of consent for us to send the relevant information.

To help ensure that deposit frauds can be fully reviewed we would be very grateful if you could provide any of the following information that may be relevant to your complaint.

What information to provide to us

  • Copy of the original advert link(s) - even if the adverts are now closed the information can be located from the browser history that you have
  • Any additional advert links from our or another website that you believe to be connected
  • Copies of correspondence sent between yourself and the seller
  • Details of any contact information you were given by the seller including telephone, email, address etc. - this is very important in locating the advert/account if you are unable to retrieve the advert link
  • Copy of any agreement of viewing/deposit/stud/sale made
  • Copy of all documents provided at the time of sale/deposit/mating/taking the animal home
  • Copy of any supporting vet report
  • Confirmation of payment made

If you need further assistance

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