Should I pay a deposit outside of Pets4Homes' safe deposit functionality?

Read about Pets4Homes' safe deposit functionality here.

We do advise not to send money to someone that you haven't met and before any viewing to ensure that you have seen the animal and are happy with the relevant documents and information that should be provided to you by the seller. You should always discuss the terms of the deposit and refund before making any payment.

Confirm that the seller is genuine

You should verify this by arranging to visit the dog or puppy at the seller's home. If they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit to be paid online without visiting the dog at their home, or if the seller attempts to deliver the puppies or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not agree to this.

NEVER pay for a dog or send money as a deposit without visiting and seeing the dog at its home beforehand. Please read our article on avoiding potential scams. ALWAYS use Pets4Homes' safe deposit functionality instead if the breeder has enabled this functionality.

If you still see a need to pay a deposit

Whilst we advise not making payments, we do understand that some sellers ask for a deposit but as we have mentioned above, you should ensure that you have clear agreements with the seller and avoid paying any money until you have viewed the animal and the relevant paperwork that they will be expected to provide you with.

Note that Pets4Homes do not verify that all sellers are genuine, so you must make sure you visit the advertiser at their home to confirm yourself. If you are unsure that the seller is genuine, please report them to us.

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