Have you received spam or abusive messages?

If you have received spam or abusive messages with regards to your engagement with Pets4Homes, we're sorry to hear. Please follow the instructions below so that we can ensure it will not happen again. 

Reporting the sender and letting us know about the spam/abuse

In order to review the details of the spam/abusive message you have received, we would be grateful if you could report the user who sent you the message(s) (see how here). If you have received spam messages from someone claiming to be representing Pets4Homes, please see this article

If you continue to receive any further messages of this nature from the same user or a different one, please let us know.

Contacting your local police

If you have received or have concerns regarding threatening and abusive messages, we also advise that you contact your local police authority. We are able to liaise with the Police and provide any data that we hold to assist with their enquiries.

If you need further assistance

If this help article did not answer your question, you are of course more than welcome to reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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