I am not required to hold a breeding license, but have been upgraded anyways

Whilst you may not require a breeding license from your local council, all advertisers placing 3 or more adverts for separate animals/litters within a 12 month period are required to change the account type on their Pets4Homes account to a "Frequent advertiser/Breeder" account. If the account holder does not do this themselves, then Pets4Homes may do this on your behalf at our own discretion.

Note: Please do not create a new account using a new e-mail address as all associated accounts may in this instance be blocked. Please resolve any issues for your existing account to keep using the service.

Details of our account types have been provided below for your reference:

Standard Account

This is the default account type and should be used by people who want access to the extra features on Pets4Homes including the ability to advertise less than 3 different pets in a 12 month period.

Breeder/Frequent Advertiser Account

This account type should be used by hobby breeders or frequent advertisers who will be advertising 3 or more different pets in a 12 month period. You will be able to upload a logo and breeder profile on your account.

Rescue Centre Account

This account type should be used by UK only Rescue Centres. You will be able to upload a logo and your rescue centre information on your account.

Your account type can be updated on your account homepage when logged in via the website and not through the Pets4Homes app.

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