Do you believe a seller should be licensed?

How can I see if the seller is licensed or not?

Any adverts that are placed by users who have the Breeder account type and hold an Animal Activities License will have a "LICENSED BREEDER" stamp on each of their adverts - in other cases only the "BREEDER" stamp will be featured (see picture below). 

This is also visible on the user's profile square which is featured in all of their adverts (see picture below). 

When is a license required?

A license is not always required to breed or sell a puppy that has been bred by the seller and the requirements vary depending on the local council authority where the seller is located.

Any user placing 3 separate adverts in 12 months has to be registered as with the Breeder account type on Pets4Homes, but it is only if the seller advertises 3 separate litters in the rolling 12 month period that the seller would be asked to contact the local council and discuss their licensing requirements if they do not already hold a license.

Our advice

Please see our advice articles which may guide you on whether or not a seller needs a license:

IMPORTANT: If you believe that a person may require a license, we are asking that enquiries are made directly to us as well as the local authority for the advertiser who we are able to liaise with to ensure that all requirements are met.

Find your local council using the following link: https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council

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