How do I close my advert?

In order to make sure the adverts on Pets4Homes are up to date, it is very important that you instantly close your advert when it is no longer relevant (for example, if you have sold your pet/accessory, you no longer provide the service you advertise or if the event you have advertised have already occurred).

Closing your advert

  1. On you account page, go to "My Adverts" on the left sidebar on your account page. 
  2. Click the "Close" button on the advert you wish to remove (see picture below).
  3. Click "Confirm" via the pop-up message to close your advert - your advert will now be placed as "Inactive".

Closing your advert by mistake

If you closed one of your adverts by mistake and would like to restore it, you can go to your Inactive adverts and click "Re-open". 

If you see an advert that should be closed

If you see an advert that you think should be closed and removed from the Pets4Homes site, please report the advert to us (see how here). Reasons for thinking adverts should be removed include, but are not limited to:

  • The advert is longer relevant
  • The advert seems fake
  • The advert contains incorrect information

Our support team will review and, if we deem it appropriate, remove the advert from the website and contact the user responsible for the advert.

If you need further assistance

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