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Main goal of the deposit service

Note: The video above features footage from the old Pets4Homes website. However, the information in the video is still valid and the deposit service works in the same way as before. See updated instructions below for how to use the deposit service on the new website.  

The main goal of the deposit service is to make it safer for you as a buyer to make transactions through Pets4Homes. We know it is common practice for sellers/breeders to ask for a deposit to be transferred before a viewing. As a buyer, it can often be an uncomfortable experience transferring hundreds of pounds to an unknown person.

Our new deposit feature solves this by allowing you to place the deposit with Pets4Homes until you are ready to release the funds. We hold the deposit until you have confirmed that the seller is genuine and when you and the seller agrees that it is appropriate to release the deposit.

How do deposits work for me as a buyer?

As a buyer, the deposit process has four main steps:

Step 1: Find the right pet for you

Find the pet you love from a seller accepting deposits on Pets4Homes. See our support articles on searching for adverts here.

Step 2: Contact the seller and ensure the pet is available

When you've found your perfect pet, you need to make sure the pet is available for you. We ALWAYS encourage you to first contact the seller of the pet to agree on all practical arrangements, and to also book a visit to see the pet. You can contact the seller by either calling them, or by sending them a message on Pets4Homes - see this article for more information. 

Step 3: Place a deposit

Once you and the seller are in agreement, you can place a deposit. Simply navigate to the advert page of the pet, and click the "Place Deposit" button shown below. You will then have to go through our payment flow. Note that we at this stage only accept Visa and Mastercard. Please note that you can only place deposit on one litter at a time.

Once the deposit has been sent, it will be held by Pets4Homes (Note: the money will not be sent to the seller at this point). Until you release the deposit you can at any point decide to cancel the deposit. The money will then be refunded back to your payment card.

Step 4: The transfer request

When you have viewed the pet in person, and agreed on all the arrangements with the seller, the seller will send you a Transfer Request.

On the "My Deposits" page of your account you will find an overview of all your incoming and outgoing deposit transactions, as well as the corresponding choice of actions to take for each deposit.
When you receive a transfer request from the seller, it means the seller is requesting the deposited money to be transferred over to him/her. At this point, you as a buyer are in full control - you can choose one of the following two options:

  1. Accept the transfer request - This means the deposit will be transferred to the seller. NOTE: If you accept the transfer request, you are no longer in control of the deposit since it will at this point be transferred to the seller (like any bank transfer).
  2. Reject the transfer request - In this scenario, no funds will be transferred to the seller. Instead, the money will stay in escrow. From there, you can, just as before, cancel the deposit and get a refund of the deposit amount (not including the service fee)

We strongly recommend that you only accept the transfer request from the seller once you have had a chance to verify that the seller is genuine and after a viewing of the pet has taken place. You should discuss with the seller the timing of which you are both comfortable to release the deposit.

If you need further assistance

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