Phishing attempts by text message / e-mail pretending to be Pets4Homes

IMPORTANT: We will NEVER send you a text message asking you to follow a link to enter your personal details or bank details. If you receive a text message with a link to a website which looks like Pets4Homes, please report this to us immediately and to report@phishing.gov.uk. We do however sometimes ask you to confirm your identity by sending proof of identity / address to our Trust & Safety team. We do this to ensure that Pets4Homes remains a safe environment to re-home pets.

What is Phishing?

"Phishing" is a common online scam, where the scammer tries to get you to share sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, or bank account details.

Phishing attempts on Pets4Homes

Pets4Homes has unfortunately also been subject to phishing attempts, where some users have received text messages from persons claiming to be from Pets4Homes. The text message asks you to click on a link to go to a website and submit your login details and bank details.

We want to stress that this is a scam, and that you should NOT click on such links or submit any details about yourself.

Below we have included a screenshot of the phishing attempt that came to our attention. As you can see, the link included in the text is not pets4homes.co.uk.

Phone scam attempt

What can you do?

Although we maintain controls to help protecting our site from these types of scams, we want to provide you with the following best practices to avoid being scammed. 

  • Do not provide sensitive personal information (like usernames and passwords) over e-mail.
  • Pets4Homes will never send you a text message asking you to verify your personal details.
  • Inspect URLs / website links carefully to make sure they are legitimate and not imposter sites.
  • If you suspect that someone is attempting to scam you, please do contact our customer support by clicking the button at the end of this article. 
For general advice on how you can protect yourself from cyber crime, please visit www.actionfraud.police.uk/cybercrime. You can also find online advice on the National Cyber Security Centre website.

I have fallen for a phishing attempt - what should I do?

  • Please report this e-mail to the registrar of the domain (you can find the registrar here: https://whois.domaintools.com/ and check the abuse e-mail) so they can shut down the website immediately.
  • If you provided your username and password for Pets4Homes, we urge you to change the password on Pets4Homes (as well as on any other website where you have used the same e-mail and password).
  • We kindly ask you to forward the text messages to 7726 so the mobile network can investigate and suspend the number from being used. This will prevent more people from receiving the same message.
  • If you have provided your details using the link provided, you should report it to Action Fraud, and to your bank (if financial details were taken) so that they can take appropriate action.

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