Why is the deposit service mandatory for puppies?

Using deposits when rehoming pets is a crucial part of ensuring that potential buyers are genuine. At the same time, deposits have become a source of fraud where some take advantage of buyers’ eagerness to secure a puppy. 

As of January 2021, it is a requirement to use Pets4Homes’ Safe Deposit service when selling puppies. By making the Pets4Homes Safe Deposit service mandatory, we are safeguarding that buyers can safely place deposits knowing that we hold the deposit until a viewing in person or digitally has taken place. 

Why should I use Pets4Homes Safe Deposit service?

  • Deposits make the rehoming process more reliable for both sellers and buyers.
  • This service is free of charge for you as a seller and makes managing deposits convenient and safe.
  • It’s safer for buyers to commit when Pets4Homes safely holds the deposit until both parties come to an agreement.
  • Adverts with the Pets4Homes Safe Deposit Service enabled will stand out from the crowd with a blue badge in the right side corner.
  • This means that you as a seller will receive more interest on your advert as well as attract genuine and trustworthy buyers.

We recommend always using the Pets4Homes Safe Deposit Service as it will be visible to buyers when adverts have not yet enabled this service. 

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