Creating an advert

Sellers can create adverts to advertise pets (for sale, adoption or for stud), events, accessories for sale, or services they provide.
Buyers can also create Wanted adverts in order to look for particular pets, accessories or services that they cannot currently find on the Pets4Homes market.

Creating an advert

To create an advert on the new Pets4Homes platform, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Pets4Homes account and click on the "+New Advert" button on the top right corner of the Pets4Homes website (see picture below).
  2. Select the category of the advert you would like to create - there are four types:
    • (Seller or Buyer) Pet
    • (Seller or Buyer) Accessories
    • (Seller or Buyer) Service
    • (Organiser) Event
  3. (For pets, accessories and services) Choose the subcategory that applies to your advert:
    • For pets, choose either if you're advertising your pet for sale, adoption or stud, or if you're looking for a pet using a Wanted advert.
    • For accessories and services, choose if you're offering to sell accessories/services, or if you're looking for accessories and services using a Wanted advert.
  4. Fill in the remaining details of your advert following the additional steps as instructed and click "Submit" after you have reviewed the advert summary.
    - You are required to fill in a valid UK phone number for your advert - this is one of the ways we verify your identity (Note: This is the ONLY time Pets4Homes will send text messages to their users. If you receive any other type of text message claiming to be from Pets4Homes, you may have been exposed to a phishing attempt - read more about that here). You can choose whether or not to display your phone number on your advert later (see how here).
    - For more information regarding our deposit service for sellers, check out this article.
  5. Choose your boost option (see more information on boosts here).

Congratulations! You have now created an advert on Pets4Homes! You can view it at anytime under "My Adverts". 

When will my advert be posted?

To ensure that adverts are genuine and contain the required information our Trust & Safety team will manually review ads. Until your advert is accepted, it will have a sign on it saying "PENDING" (see picture below).

Generally, if all of the information in the advert looks right and there are no issues discovered, adverts are published within minutes from submission. Otherwise, it may take longer.

Sometimes adverts are rejected by our Trust & Safety team due to failure of satisfying our advert requirements. Please see this article for more information. 

How can I change details in my advert?

If you want to edit any of the information in your advert, you can do this later. For more information on how to do this, see this article.

If you need further assistance

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