How do I boost my advert(s)?

By boosting your advert you can make your advert more visible to users searching for pets, services, events or accessories on Pets4Homes. In this article, you will find out how to boost your advert, and what the different boost options are for you.

Boost Types

All boosts apply for different periods of time (3, 7 or 15 days) and there are currently three different boost packages that have three different functions:

  • Highlight - Your advert will be highlighted, which means it will have two extra photos while also having the boost badge. This will make your advert more visible in the search results and it will also be located the top section of the search results.

  • Bump - Your advert will be bumped, which means it will automatically be bumped to the top of the search results every 24 hours for as long as it is boosted.
  • Boost section - Your advert will be featured in a separate boost section together with other boosted adverts, which is located at the top of the search results. It will also have a boost-star. 

Here are the different boost types you can apply to your advert:

  • Small (S) - Your advert will be boosted for 3 days.
  • Medium (M) - Your advert will be boosted for 7 days.
  • Large (L) - Your advert will be boosted for 15 days.

Boosting your advert

Whenever you create an advert or edit an advert you will, after submitting your advert, be directed to the boost page where you can select a boost (or skip boosting and thereby choose for the advert to remain free of charge).

For an already existing advert, there are two ways of boosting the advert:

1) Go to the advert on the website and click "Boost this advert" (see picture below).

You will then be redirected to the boost page where you can select a boost for your advert. 

2) By going to ''My Adverts'' in your account section, you can click ''Boost'' on the advert you wish to boost.

How to see if your advert is boosted

You can see that your advert is boosted in one of two ways:

1) In the "My adverts" section of your profile, you will see that your boosted advert will have a Boost badge as well as a Boost Star (see illustration below)

2) On the advert details page, you will see the same Boosted badge under the bottom left corner of the image gallery (see illustration below)

Several boosts for the same advert

If your advert is currently boosted, you can buy more boosts if you would like to upgrade to a boost that lasts longer. The new boost will start after your existing one expires.

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