How do I report an advert?

We have a dedicated team reviewing adverts on Pets4Homes. However, we rely on our community to report issues that our team may miss and we thoroughly review every report which is sent to us.

Reasons for reporting an advert

We encourage you to report adverts that you think should be closed and removed for any of the following reasons:

  • The advert is longer relevant
  • The advert seems fake
  • The advert contains incorrect information

Reporting an advert

There are two different ways to report an advert: 

  1. Report the advert by submitting a ticket to our support channel, using this link, selecting "Reporting advert or advertiser" as a reason for contacting us. 
  2. For the particular advert you want to report, click "Report advert" under the profile of the advertiser (see picture below). After this, a pop-up window will appear asking you to fill in the details as to why you want to report the user.

If you would like to report the user behind the advert, see this article for how to do so.

What to include when reporting an advert

Please see this article for more information about what to include when reporting an advert and/or user. 

If you need further assistance

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