What to include when sending a signed Data Processing Agreement

What does the process of sending us a DPA look like?

  • When we first receive your request, we make sure that the details on the DPA request are correct and signed.

  • We then investigate for the information as requested through our database.

  • Once all the information has been collected, we then reply back with the information in an excel spreadsheet.

  • We aim to have this process completed within 24 working hours.
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    When sending us a formalized requested, signed DPA, we require either one or more of the following details:

  • The advert link or ID number

  • The user ID

  • The user's email address or phone number

  • Address linked to the user 

  • Or any other details that you might have available
    *Please note that pets4homes does not have a standardized DPA form available to use. This should be available at your place of work

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