Send a Data Processing Agreement

What does the process of sending us a DPA look like?

The DPA Form

When we first receive your request, we make sure that the details on the *DPA are correct and signed. Please make sure your DPA includes the following information:

  • Council name and logo
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your signature
  • The date that the DPA was signed.
  • You can also include your supervisor name and contact information.

*We do not offer a standardised DPA form. Please obtain this through your workplace.

What to Include

  • The Advert or User ID number(s)

  • A link to the advert(s) or user profile(s)

  • A user's known email addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses

  • Any other details you might have available

Once all the information has been collected, please use this form to contact us directly. We aim to send you the requested information in an RFI document within 2-3 working days.

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