Are you the victim of a scam or fraud?


Important: Pets4Homes is not a legal party to any transactions which take place off of the website. As a consequence, any civil matters, such as fraud or animal welfare issues, should be reported to the appropriate authorities who can take legal action. 

Steps to Take

Report the seller to us

We urge you to report the seller and forward us the supporting evidence we need to block the seller from Pets4Homes.

Initially, we will advise that you try to resolve this with the other user directly. We can send a message on your behalf, only if instructed by you, asking that the other person contacts you directly to resolve the matter. In many cases, the issue is resolved at this stage. If you would like for us to reach out to the seller on your behalf, please clearly state the contact details (phone number, email address or name) that you are happy for us to forward them as a form of consent.

If the advertiser cannot or refuses to resolve this with you, we would advise that you discuss this with the Trading Standards, the RSPCA, or the police if relevant. We can liaise with these services to provide them with the details we hold on file after receiving a formal DPA request.

Get in touch with your bank

We advise that you contact your bank or the service which was used to send the funds. You should seek their assistance and ask for it to be refunded to you as Pets4Homes has no involvement with any transactions made outside of the website.

The Trading Standards

For any disputes with a seller we would advise that you contact your local Trading Standards office to ask for their help. The Trading Standards can help resolve any civil matter between yourself and the seller.

Find your local Trading Standards Office

Citizen Advice

We would also advise that you consult with Citizen Advice as you may need to pursuit some claims directly under the small claims court.

Citizen Advice

If you have a welfare concern

Please see our designated page if you wish to report a welfare concern.

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