Cancelling a Pet Payment


Before the payment is sent

After a payment request is sent, it must be accepted and the buyer must complete the payment to reserve their pet. If the buyer or seller does not wish to proceed, they can easily click to cancel or decline an offer rather than accepting it. 

The process to decline an offer is the same for both buyer and seller:

  • You should go to the relevant chat conversation and click "decline request" or "withdraw request" within the relevant chat conversation with the other user.
  • This will cancel the Pet Payment request, and no funds will be taken from the buyer.

After the payment is sent

If you find that you're unable to proceed with the rehoming after the payment has been made, you can still cancel the rehoming process.

As the seller:

  • If it is your choice to end the rehoming, we will provide a full refund to the buyer of their deposit, balance, and the guarantee fee.
  • You will be required to return any deposit amount which was transferred to you directly back to Pets4Homes in a timely manner through a secure link which we provide. You should not initiate a private bank transfer to your buyer.
  • Please contact our Tust and Safety team and let us know that you wish to cancel so we can arrange this for you.

As the buyer:

  • If it is your choice to end the rehoming after you have paid, you will lose the deposit and guarantee fee but the remaining balance will be refunded back to you.
  • Please contact our Tust and Safety team and let us know that you wish to cancel so we can arrange this for you.

Note: If the seller has asked you to cancel the sale or the rehoming is no longer moving forward because the seller does not wish to continue, you be entitled to your deposit. Please request for the seller to contact us directly to request a cancellation if they are the ones responsible for the sale ending. If they refuse or have stopped replying, please let us know and provide us with a few screenshots of the conversation showing what has happened.

After the buyer has clicked to "confirm collection" of their new pet

If a buyer accidentally clicks to confirm the rehoming of a pet in the chat before collection...

If you have successfully collected your pet and face issues after rehoming, please see this page.

How do I contact the Trust and Safety team?

You can contact our team from your chat conversation by clicking the cog and selecting "Contact Support team." Alternatively, you can reach out to us by clicking the button below:

Contact Us

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