I used the old deposit system, what is different with Pet Payments?

You can think of Pet Payments as an evolution of our older Safe Deposit service. Instead of taking a deposit from the buyer and transferring it to you, we now take the full payment upfront so that you can get a firm commitment from the buyer.

If you set a deposit during your advert upload, we will start the transfer to your account as soon as the buyer has paid. The remaining balance will be transferred after collection is confirmed.

TypeWhen should you receive the payment?
Deposit (optional)Often immediately (but can take up to 2 working days after the buyer sends their payment)
BalanceImmediately after the buyer confirms collections (may take up to 2 working days in rare circumstances)

What do I need to do to receive Pet Payments?

When you receive your first payment request, we will ask you to quickly re-verify your ID and bank details to be able to receive payments. Click here to learn more.

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