Buyer Profiles


What are Buyer Profiles?

Buyer Profiles allow breeders and potential buyers to connect more effectively. When a buyer clicks "Message" on an advert for the first time, they are prompted to fill in a short Breeder Profile form. This form is sent to the breeder and helps them gain valuable insights into the buyer's preferences, lifestyle, and the type of pet they are looking for.

How do Buyer Profiles work?

Note: Buyer Profiles only appear when there is no other chat history between the two parties.

  • To access the Buyer Profile form, a buyer must click the "Message" button on an advert.
  • The buyer will then be asked to start the conversation by filling in the Buyer Profile!
  • If a buyer chooses not to fill out the form and sends a regular message instead, the Buyer Profile will not appear. It is not prompted to ensure a seamless user experience (this may change).
  • Once the buyer completes the profile, the breeder receives a chat message containing the buyer's responses.

Providing feedback

To ensure Buyer Profiles meet the needs of our valued breeders, we encourage you to share your feedback through the survey link provided in the chat containing your interested buyer's profile. Your insights will help us refine and extend this feature in the future!

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