Pet Payments Guarantee

When you're rehoming a pet, it's essential to consider how you're going to do it safely and securely. For peace of mind, we recommend using our Pet Payment service as you’ll be covered against unexpected events.



The Pets4Homes Guarantee is a promise from Pets4Homes that you will receive your new pet and that it will be healthy, or you'll get your money back. This guarantee only applies to purchases made using Pet Payments.

  • If you pay for your pet and then never receive them (for example, if the seller backs out or they turn out to be a scam), you will receive a full refund of your payment ensuring that you and your money are kept safe.
  • We strive for every pet rehomed on Pets4Homes to be in the best health possible. However, if your new pet falls critically ill within 6 months we will fully refund you so you can focus on caring for your pet. This also covers instances where a pre-existing condition is discovered that the seller was aware of, or should have been aware of, and is clearly affecting the pet’s quality of life.


By choosing to use Pet Payments, the buyer and seller acknowledge a set of responsibilities and commitments to one another.

Seller Terms Buyer Terms


In what situations is a refund guaranteed?
In what situations is a refund not guaranteed?

How do I make a claim?

Please see our designated page if you have encountered an issue after bringing home your new pet.

If the sale is cancelled, who keeps the deposit?

After the Pet Payment has been completed by the buyer:

  • If the buyer cancels the sale, they will not receive their deposit back but their remaining balance shall be returned to them.
  • If the seller cancels the sale, the full payment amount including the deposit and fee will be returned to the buyer.

Note: If you have a safety or welfare concern, if the seller has asked you to cancel the sale, or if the seller has stopped responding, you might be entitled to your deposit back. Please forward this page and ask the seller to contact us directly to request a cancellation. If they refuse or have stopped replying, please let us know.

Is there a fee to use Pet Payments?

Pets4Homes is committed to being transparent about the fees charged to users.

There is no cost for sellers to use Pet Payments.

As a buyer, you are charged a small fee when purchasing a pet through Pet Payments. The fee is clearly displayed to you before you make your payment so you can make an informed decision. We collect a fee so that we can provide you with services allowing you to purchase a pet with peace of mind, knowing that your payment is safe and secure:

  • The fee is a percentage of the total price of your pet with a minimum of £10. The exact amount will be shown to you before you proceed with the payment.
  • The fee provides you with the Pets4Homes Guarantee for when things don't go according to plan.
  • The fee covers mediation services in case of any disputes or issues that arise between you and the seller. Pets4Homes will act as a mediator and help to resolve any disagreements.

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