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Benefits For Buyers

About ZigZag

How do I access my Zigzag offer?

After you have made your Pet Payment:

  • Buyers will receive a link by email to download the app shortly after paying for their pet.
  • Download the Zigzag app from your phone's app store.
  • Register with Zigzag with the same email that you used when making your Pet Payment.
  • Enjoy the extra 7 days free (in addition to the first 7 days free) to prepare for your pup's arrival!

What is ZigZag?

Zigzag is the UK’s number one puppy training app. People who pay for their new puppy using our Pet Payment service will get an extra 7 days free on top of Zigzag’s normal 7 day free trial (2 weeks in total). On the app you will get:

  • Peace of mind: unlimited instant chat 24/7 with certified puppy coaches
  • Tailored courses to your pup's development based on their breed and age
  • Trainer recommended app: endorsed by leading training and behaviourist organisations

Training is tailored to your puppy's age and breed. Zigzag also provides 24/7 access to an instance chat with their puppy training experts. The Zigzag app has training courses created by veterinary and dog behavioural experts on topics including:

  • Preparing to bring your puppy home
  • Obedience
  • Toilet training
  • Separation anxiety

General Benefits for Buyers

ID Verified Sellers

To receive Pet Payments all sellers must complete ID verification which disreputable breeders don't like to do. Knowing that the seller has been verified can give you peace of mind when making a purchase.

Pets4Homes Guarantee

You can get peace of mind with the Pets4Homes Guarantee which ensures you bring home a healthy pet. 

Traceable Payments

A Pet Payment is easily traceable by Pets4Homes, unlike cash or a bank transfer. If you need to dispute the payment, we help to resolve the issue with better payment tracking.

Neutral Third Party

If a dispute arises between you and the seller, Pets4Homes will work with both parties to help resolve the situation. At Pets4Homes we will always work to find the best solution with the pet’s welfare as the number one priority.

Simple Payments

You can pay via open banking and debit/credit card after a visit with your new pet. We will only transfer any deposit immediately. The final balance of your new pet is released with the click of a button when you're collecting your pet which means you can focus on your pet, not setting up a fiddly bank transfer.

Benefits For Sellers

Pet Payments is the safest way for buyers to pay for their pet and for every seller that accepts them, Pets4Homes becomes safer. As a thank you for helping keep our site safe, we offer you various rewards!

Earn Boosts While You Rehome Pets

Your advert will be automatically Boosted for 3 days (a small boost) when:

  • You complete ID verification and submit your bank details so we can send payments to you. This is a one-time step.
  • Every time a buyer makes a Pet Payment for one of your pets. 

This will help you rehome an entire litter faster and at a lower cost than before.

How many Boosts can I earn?
You can earn one small Boost for your advert for every pet in your advert. For example, if you have 5 puppies to rehome you can earn 5 small Boosts!

If you accept a Pet Payment while your advert is already Boosted, the free additional Boost will be stacked on top of your existing Boost.

Collect Verified Buyer Reviews 

  • A few days after a buyer collects their pet from you we will ask them by email to leave a review for you. 
  • Soon we will start displaying these reviews on your profile

General Benefits for Sellers

Remove stress from your buyers

Any buyers using Pet Payments will be covered by our Pets4Homes Guarantee. You know your safe, but many buyers like to get a bit of extra security, just in case. The Pets4Homes Guarantee means they are covered against scams and congenital illnesses. This takes a huge amount of stress and worry off of your buyers so they can focus on giving your pet a wonderful welcome to their new home.

Instant payments

Both the deposit and final payment will be transferred into your account very quickly after the buyer has completed the payment, and after the buyer confirms collection, respectively. 

Commitment from Buyers

You will reduce the impact of time-wasters and get a firm commitment from the buyer as they are required to pay the full amount of the payment upfront. We will hold the remaining balance (the payment minus any deposit you've set) until the buyer confirms collection on rehoming day.

It's free!

For you as a seller this is a free service. You will get receive your deposit in advance, and receive the remaining balance upon collection as you do today.

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