Why has my advert been blocked?

IMPORTANT: In order to meet PAAG minimum standards, we reserve the right to refuse any advert that may compromise them. We also reserve the right to decline any adverts or suspend any user account if we suspect you are behaving in an irresponsible way or breaching any of our terms.


Detailed Advert Posting Rules

The Pets4Homes website was set up to be as easy to use as possible, and we want every advert to go live the first time you try to publish it without going through the approval process multiple times. Please make sure you stay up-to-date with our full terms when creating a listing.

We may place your advert on hold if you have broken one of our advert posting rules. If your listing is placed on hold, you will receive an email alerting you as to the reason why. Please check your email and our detailed posting rules to find out why your listing was not published:

General Ad Posting Rules

Dog/Cat Specific Ad Posting Rules

Other Animals Ad Posting Rules

If you have questions, please reply directly to the email you received so we can best assist you!

Information you must include in your advert

  • You must show puppies and kittens together with their mother.
  • Photos must be of the actual pet you are rehoming and not from the internet or social media.
  • You have clearly identified any health or welfare issues associated with the pet.
  • Adverts must be posted in the correct category and disclose the accurate breed of the pet. If the pet is a cross breed, this must be clearly stated in your description and the advert must be listed in the mixed breed category.
  • If the pet you wish to rehome is registered with any governing body (i.e. Kennel Club for Dogs or GCCF for cats) you must state the this in your advertisement and be able to provide all paperwork to verify that registration if required.

Common Reasons We Decline Adverts

  1. Dogs with cropped ears
  2. Pets sold as gifts / presents 
  3. Pregnant pets
  4. Exchange / swapping
  5. Imported pets
  6. Studs advertised as For Sale 
  7. Pet advertised for guard/security work
  8. Live animals advertised as food
  9. Selling pets under the minimum age for their species
  10. More.... see the full terms.

Can I advertise foreign rescue dogs?

Only registered rescue centres can advertise foreign rescue dogs.

  • As a private individual, you cannot advertise foreign rescue dogs for rehoming in the UK via Pets4Homes. You will need to be using the Rescue/Charity account type on Pets4Homes.
  • All pets being advertised will must currently live in the UK and the advert must include the postcode where the dog is currently living. Pets4Homes cannot be used to advertise any pets that are not in the UK.

Which animals do we not allow?

Please see the designated page under our Animal Welfare section for more information. 

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