Which animals may not be advertised?

IMPORTANT: In addition to our policies, all of our users and visitors are required to follow local laws. We reserve the right to remove any adverts that we consider inappropriate for Pets4Homes.

A comprehensive list of which animals we do not allow can be found on our terms page.

We aim to provide a safe environment for both pets and their caretakers, and have a list of standards which we have created when approving or rejecting listings. We work alongside the RSPCA, PAAG and other animal welfare organizations to ensure that adverts listed on Pets4Homes follow both ethical and legal requirements, and we also follow the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG) minimum standards. As a consequence, certain advertisements are not allowed on Pets4Homes. To avoid any doubt, if you can not find an appropriate category when listing your pet for sale then that category of pets is not allowed to be advertised.

Here are some examples of what we do not allow:

  1. Any pet breeds which have been banned in the UK, or mixed breed variations of them.
  2. Endangered species listed under Annex A of the CITES regulations advertised without the seller stating they hold a valid Article 10 certificate in the advert.
  3. We do not accept adverts for any wild caught animals, or any animals named in the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.
  4. Foreign rescue dogs living in the UK when you are not an officially registered UK rescue or charity organisation and not using the Pets4Homes Rescue/Charity account type.

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