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Pet advice for buyers

We have gathered extensive pet advice on all aspects of buying, selling and taking care of pets! Please have a look the Pet Advice section of our website clicking the button below: 

Our Pet Advice

For a full guide please read our in-depth articles:

These articles can prove informative for all prospective pet owners, not just those looking to buy a puppy or kitten!

We also offer rehoming checklists by species, which can be found at the bottom of listings.
Information on how to stay safe and report suspicious behavior is in our Trust & Safety folder.

Rehoming checklist for sellers

At Pets4Homes animal welfare and pet safety is our number one priority. As a responsible seller, please make sure to read through the below checklist before rehoming your pet:

  1. Arrange a viewing at your home where the buyer can see the pet and review all relevant documentation. 
  2. Ensure the pet meets the age requirements for rehoming.
  3. Ensure that the pet is in good health by bringing your pet to the vet for a health check. You should also permit the buyer to go with you to a vet for a health check.
  4. Ensure that you provide the buyer with the right paperwork, for example: vaccination cards, microchip documentation, pedigree documentation (KC, GCCF, TICA, etc.)

Abiding by Our Rules

Your account may be placed on hold if you break one of our account rules.
Your listing may be placed on hold if you break one of our advert posting rules.

Managing Your Account

For help making changes to your account, please see our designated page for this.
For help making changes to your listing, please see our designated page for this.

Are you looking to stud?

Any stud on our website must to be a minimum of 12 months old.

Depending on the breed, there may be recommended health tests that your pet needs to do have done - your vet can help arrange these for you. Our dog breed profiles contain information about any relevant health tests that are recommended for your particular breed. Please also read our pet advice article in relation to stud contracts and things to consider when making arrangements with the owner of the bitch(es).

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