Managing Your Adverts


How do I edit my adverts? 

Follow the steps below to edit your listing:

  • Click on the profile logo up in the right corner of the Pets4Homes start page and select "My Adverts", or select "My Adverts" on the left sidebar on your account page.  
  • For the advert you want to update, click the "Edit" button to perform the desired changes (see picture below).
  • Once you're finished, click "Submit."
  • Select any boost option you would like to apply to your advert, or none if you do not wish to boost your listing.

How do I close my advert?

In order to make sure the adverts on Pets4Homes are up to date, it is very important that you close your advert when it is no longer relevant (for example, if you have sold your pet, or you no longer provide the service advertised).

  • On your account page, go to "My Adverts" on the left sidebar. 
  • Click the "Close" button on the advert you wish to remove (see picture below).
  • Click "Confirm" via the pop-up to close your advert - your advert will now be"Inactive."

Closing your advert by mistake

If you closed one of your adverts by mistake and would like to restore it, go to your Inactive adverts and click "Re-open." 

How do I re-open inactive adverts?

Adverts become inactive automatically after 60 days, or if you choose to close the advert yourself. You can re-open them by going to My Adverts and selecting "Inactive," then click the "Re-open" button. Your advert will now be sent to our team for review, just like a newly created advert. 

How do I see how many views my advert has received?

You can see how your adverts are performing by going to My Adverts > Advert performance
We will add much more data to this page over time.

Quick statistics

You can also quickly view the total number of views and favourites your advert has received in two ways by going to ‘My adverts’ and looking at the advert preview. The number after the eye symbol refers to the total amount of views your advert has received since you published it. The number after the heart symbol refers to how many users have marked your advert as a favourite.

How do I remove the telephone number from my advert? 

For security reasons, Pets4Homes must verify your phone number when you get started. However, your phone number will never be publicly shown unless you are listed in the Pets4Homes Breeder Directory.

As a council licensed or KC Assured Breeder in the directory, you can choose to never show your phone number on your listings by navigating to “My Account,” looking under "Contact Details,” and unticking the “Show phone number on my profile” box (see picture below).

If you have an active listing, you can edit the advert and scroll to the bottom to select the option to only be contacted through the Pets4Homes chat. 

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