Listing Fees and Boosted Adverts


Listing Fees

Boosted Adverts

Listing Fees

Your listing fee guarantees that your advert will be live for 60 days from publishing.
At Pets4Homes, our number one priority is the safety of the pets and people on our platform. By introducing a fee for our basic adverts, we aim to improve animal welfare standards, continue our focus on moderation and innovation, and discourage low-welfare breeders who try to exploit our platform to sell pets illegally.
Ultimately, discouraging low-welfare breeders from using Pets4Homes translates into a higher number of loving homes for you to choose from when uploading your litter to Pets4Homes.

Boosted Adverts

Whenever you create an advert or edit an advert you will, after submitting your advert, be directed to the boost page where you can choose to select a boost if you wish.

About Boosts

Boost Sizes

Boosts apply for different periods of time (3, 7 or 15 days).

  • Small (S) - Your advert will be boosted for 3 days.
  • Medium (M) - Your advert will be boosted for 7 days.
  • Large (L) - Your advert will be boosted for 15 days.

Boost Effects

There are currently three different functions of boosting:

Bump: Your advert will be bumped, which means it will automatically be bumped to the top of the search results every 24 hours for as long as it is boosted. How quickly your advert falls further back in the pages of search results depends on several factors such as your location, the popularity of breed you are advertising, and other filters.

Highlight: Your advert will be highlighted, which means it will have two extra photos while also having the boost badge. This will make your advert more visible in the search results and it will also be located in the top section of the search results.

Boost Section: Your advert will be featured in a separate boost section (with other boosted adverts) located at the top of the search results. It will also have a boost-star. Please note that as time passes since your last bump, your boosted listing at the top of the page may appear further back in the pages of listings depending on your search filters.

How to Boost

For a new advert, you can boost during checkout.

For an existing advert, there are two ways of boosting the advert:

  1. Go to the advert on the website and click "Boost this advert." You will then be redirected to the boost page where you can select a boost for your advert.
  2. By going to ''My Adverts'' in your account, click ''Boost'' on the advert you wish to boost.

How are Boost Prices Determined?

We apply variable pricing on boosts, meaning that the price differs depending on the type of pet you advertise. This variable approach ensures fair prices, making boosts more accessible to all categories and for all users. By paying a higher price, you can feel sure that your boosted listing is more likely to be seen among a smaller selection of quality adverts in your area.
If you want to reduce your boost costs you can also earn free boosts by using Pet Payments (for cats and dogs only). Every time someone purchases one of your pets using Pet Payments, you will be rewarded with a boost voucher via email as a thank you for helping to keep Pets4Homes safe! 

Boost Problems

Is my advert boosted?

You can see that your advert is boosted in one of two ways:

  1. In the "My adverts" section on your profile, you will see your boosted advert has a Boost badge as well as a Boost Star.
  2. On the advert details page, you will see the same Boost badge under the bottom-left corner of the image gallery.

Bump times

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the time your boosted advert is bumped to the top of listings each day. Boosts are applied automatically once your advert is published, and we can not guarantee the exact time your listing will be bumped to the top of listings daily - but we can say it will be approximately every 24 hours.

If you want to be absolutely certain that your new listing will be boosted around a specific time, we advise waiting until after your listing is published to apply the boost. When you purchase a boost before your listing is published, you risk delays to your desired bump time while your advert is in the queue of pending listings.

How can I change my boost time?

Please note it is not possible to manually select or change your boost time. To change your boost time, you will need to wait for you current boost to expire, and then purchase a new one shortly before the time you would like the boost to take effect. Your advert will then boost around the time.

I can not find my boosted advert in search results

To learn how to search for listings, please see this page.

How quickly your advert falls further back into later pages of the search results depends on several factors such as your location, distance, the popularity of your breed, and other filters applied by interested users. 

If you can not find your boosted advert after adjusting your search filters and searching past the first page of results, please reach out to our support team so we can assist you.

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