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How do I change my account type?

If you find that an account type other than your current one better suits how you use Pets4Homes, you can change your account type. You do this by going to your account page, and under the "General Information" section, select "Change", as in the picture below. Then, choose the suitable account type and click "Continue."

What are the different account types?

There are four different account types at Pets4Homes to see to the different needs of all of our users - Individual, Breeder, Rescue/Charity and Company. It is important that you use the correct account type to take advantage of the full benefits associated with each account type. Below is a description of each account type and which one is right for you:

Individual (Default)
This account type is the default account type for individuals who want to use Pets4Homes, and should be used by people who want access to the extra features on Pets4Homes including the ability to save adverts or search, contact sellers and much more. This is also the account type for those who will only on a few occasions advertise pets for adoption or sale. Note: If you upload 3 or more different pets within a 12-month period your account will be converted to the Breeder account type.

This account type is for hobby breeders who expect to advertise pets for sale or adoption.

If you are licensed, when you upload licence details to your account they will automatically be sent to our support team for review and approval. Once our team has approved them, your account type will change to Licensed Breeder and you will appear in our licensed breeder registry as well as search results when buyers filter for licensed breeders!

This account type is for representatives of UK registered charities and rescue centres. You will need to work for the official rescue organisation or charity, or have their permission to list adverts on their behalf. The Rescue Organisation/Centre must be an official UK registered charity, and you will need to enter the charity registration number on your profile as part of setting up the Rescue/Charity account. 

This account type is companies who want to use Pets4Homes to advertise. Pets cannot be advertised with this account.

How do I change my contact details (phone, e-mail)?

Go to the "Contact details" section on your account:

  • To change your phone number:
    1.Click "Change" to the right of your current phone number.
    2.Enter your new phone number in the pop-up field.
    3. A message will be sent to your new phone number with a 6-digit verification code.
    4. Verify your new phone number by entering the 6-digit code.
    5. Choose if you would like to show your phone number on your profile so that other users can contact you by ticking the box. You can always change this later if you wish.
  • To change your email address:
    1. Enter your new email address in the pop-up field.
    2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the new e-mail address with an activation link. Please note you do not require access to your original email in order to update your Pets4Homes contact information.
  • Click "Confirm changes."

NOTE: If you change your contact details, your existing adverts will not be automatically updated. You will need to edit each individual advert with your new contact details in order for them to be up-to-date.

How do I change my password?

If you are logged out of your account, you can reset your password here.

Otherwise, go to the "Password" section of your account details:

  • Enter your current password in the first field
  • Enter your new password of choice in the second and third field.
  • Click "Confirm changes."

Social Media Login

If you usually log in via Facebook or Google, you will need to follow the instructions given by Facebook or Google on what to do when you want to change your password. It is still possible to set a password for your account even if you usually log in via Facebook or Google: You can do this by resetting your password and entering a password of your choice. You will then be able to log in to Pets4Homes using the e-mail linked to your Facebook or Google account with your new password.

How do I turn off notifications?

If you want to stop receiving e-mail notifications from Pets4Homes regarding your adverts, new messages, or Pets4Homes Staging, you can turn them off on your account page in the "Notifications" section, by unticking all boxes.

If you want to stop receiving e-mail notifications from Pets4Homes regarding your Saved Search Alerts, you can turn them off by unticking the boxes for each of your saved searches.

How do I close my account?

If you no longer want to keep your account on Pets4Homes, please contact us and select "Closing account." When submitting your ticket, please explain that you want to close your account. We're sorry to see you go!

If you have listed any adverts with us, we retain this data for security and welfare reasons. 

Please note that we do not permit users to create second accounts, even if their first account has been closed. If you wish to return to Pets4Homes or use different contact details, you should contact us for help or change these details directly in your account!

How do I re-open my account?

If you wish to return to Pets4Homes, please contact us and explain that you wish to reopen your account when submitting your ticket. 

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