How do I report a user or listing?


How do I make a welfare report?

If you have a welfare concern or purchased an unwell pet, please see our designated page for this.

How do I report a fraud or scam?

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that you enter into any transaction with any other user of this site at your own risk. Always use Pet Payments to avoid becoming subject to fraud.

If you are the victim of fraud or a scam, please see this article for what steps you can take.

We provide detailed guidance in our buying advice checklists that are featured at the bottom of every advert page. We do understand however that sometimes there are issues between buyers and sellers which are outside of your control. We will in these circumstances help facilitate dispute resolution, but ultimately cannot guarantee that you will receive any funds back.

How do I report a user or listing?

An account may be placed on hold if a user breaks one of our account rules.

A listing may be placed on hold if a user breaks one of our advert posting rules.

Reporting a User

  • You have received spam or abusive messages from them;
  • They are encouraging you to break the terms of Pet Payments;
  • They are resistant to allow you to view their advertised pet(s);
  • They have scammed you for money or committed another offence against you.

There are three different ways to report a user:

  1. Report a user via the chat by clicking the user icon in the top right corner of your chat window and selecting "Report this user." After this, a pop-up window will appear asking you to provide details about what happened.
  2. Report the user via their user profile by clicking on the advertiser's profile name or profile picture on their listing to redirect to their profile page and click "Report user."
  3. If you can no longer find the user's profile or chat, you can submit a ticket to our support team explaining what happened and provide the information we need to locate them.

Reporting an Advert

We have a dedicated team reviewing adverts on Pets4Homes. However, we rely on our community to report issues that our team may miss. We thoroughly review every report which is sent to us. We encourage you to report adverts that you think should be closed and removed for any of the following reasons:

  • The advert is longer relevant
  • The advert seems fake
  • The advert contains incorrect information

There are two different ways to report an advert: 

  1. Report from the advert page directly by clicking "Report advert."
  2. If you can no longer find the user's profile or your chat with them, you can submit a ticket to our support team and provide the information we need to locate the listing.

What to include in your report

To help ensure that we can fully review what has happened, we would be grateful if you could provide any evidence and other details relevant to your complaint. 

  • All contact information you were given. This includes all phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, aliases, etc.
  • Veterinary reports and receipts.
  • Confirmation of any payments made.
  • The relevant advert link(s). (This includes any additional links on Pets4Homes which you believe are connected.) Even if the advert is no longer visible on the website, the link to the listing webpage can still be located in your browser history.
  • Relevant screenshots of your messages with the seller.
  • Documentation or images of any agreement/viewing/deposit/stud/sale that was made.
  • Photos of any documents provided to you at the time of sale/mating.

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